Consumer Trends Website is Looking for a Co-founder is a new consumer trends website that has seen international success since its launch. Founder Daniel Levine travels back and forth from New York to New Orleans (like many others do) and attended the NOLA Meetup last week. At the Meetup, SBN learned Levine is looking for a co-founder for the project who has the business experience to bring this site to the marketplace.

Levine runs The Avant-Guide Institute, a trends marketing consultancy in NYC. He explains how he came up with the concept for WikiTrend: “The Avant-Guide Institute has been working with major companies around the world for the past 12 years or so. We have a large global network of trend spotters and spend quite a lot of time tracking all the latest trendsetting ideas, products and experiences. We originally built as a way for us to better communicate with our trend spotters. The site is a huge catalogue of the coolest trends discovered and curated by us. We created a bookmarklet our trend spotters can use. Whenever they find something cool, they can now easily and automatically send it to us. Now as you can see, the site looks terrific. It is a great prototype that has been generating excitement from people who have seen it.”

Levine said the site was built with their own funds, design, and technology teams. To date, they have been able to upload around 5,000 trends with the estimated $100K that was put into the company.

In six months to a year, Levine said WikiTrend will be, “very much a part of the global conversation about new products, ideas and experiences. We expect to be used and read by influencers, editors, businesspeople, marketers, creatives and others who want to profit — both financially and intellectually — from understanding where culture is headed.”

The co-founder job opening has not yet been posted on any job boards or other sites yet, so SBN readers have exclusive access to this opportunity. The Avant-Guide Institute is based in NYC, but Levine loves New Orleans and is excited to potentially work with talented people from the Greater New Orleans area. Levine says WikiTrend is looking for, “a co-founder for this project who has experience putting together a team, raising capital and marketing a consumer site to a global audience.”

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please get in touch with me at and I can put you in touch with Levine. Best of luck!