Rebirth Financial Launches Nationally and Introduces Touch Program

Rebirth FinancialRebirth Financial, a now nearly three-year-old company with roots in New Orleans, has announced a national launch of its small business-lending program. The company creates customized solutions for small businesses with borrower needs. Rebirth has helped hundreds of businesses including NOLA Brewery by facilitating one of the largest loan deals of the “Online Social Lending Industry” at the time (Summer 2011) by securing $390,000 for them.

By launching nationally, Rebirth can take its perfect lending record, meaning zero defaults or delinquencies, on a larger scale to help small businesses outside of just Louisiana and Tennessee.

“I am extremely proud that Rebirth Financial is now able to help small businesses across the country. For the last two years, we have been getting daily calls from entrepreneurs in all 50 states, asking when Rebirth Financial will be able to help them,” said Chonchol Gupta, CEO of Rebirth Financial. “I am happy to tell the entrepreneurs of America that today, help is on the way.”

Rebirth’s launch also enables the company to help small businesses by offering services outside of financial assistance for traditional debt. The company now offers receivables factoring, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, business acquisition funding, and hard money equity loans.

The company is zeroing in on a more customer-centric approach with their new Touch Program. The program has three parts in which Rebirth helps businesses identify which loan they need, package loan requests, and identifies strategies to strengthen their applications. The program also offers a guarantee for the small businesses so that if they do not receive funding, they get their money back.