‘Match.com for Education Purposes’ Haystack EDU Launches One Week Before Pitching at NOEW

Haystack EDUHaystack EDU has officially launched! The company held a soft launch on Tuesday and then an official launch party last night at Bridge Lounge. Founder Tom Hayes considers Haystack the match.com for education purposes because the online platform helps match educators and schools based on needs.

Haystack EDU’s platform will help replace more traditional methods of teacher placement such as job boards and headhunter organizations.

At the launch party, Hayes said, “We’re very excited to announce the launch of Haystack EDU. We’re going to bring schools and teachers together to find a more perfect fit. Teachers are already signing up and we already have a number of school partners so we’re excited to get the word out and we’re looking forward to people jumping on the site.”

Haystack already has educators and officials outside of Louisiana on board. Chief Town Officer for the Achievement School District in Tennessee, Ash Solar, was at the launch party last night.

Solar said, “We were excited to get to come down and celebrate Tom and Haystack and the great work they are doing. There’s a huge need in education to ensure just right, perfect fits for great teachers and educators. Making it easier for great educators to explore and find the right fit for them is an incredibly thoughtful idea and an opportunity that we’re excited to be a part of.”

Haystack is preparing to pitch next Thursday at the 4.0 Schools Education Challenge along with four other companies competing for $25,000 seed funding. EnrichED, imagiLabs, mSchool, and Overgrad are also part of the Education Challenge.

Visit HaystackEDU.com to learn more and register (it’s free for teachers).


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