3D Na'tee - Awesome Rapper and Entrepreneur

Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe Checks Out NOEW and FIRST

Welcome to Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe, NOEW 2013 edition. This week, along with many of our readers, has been spent enjoying the knowledge, lessons, and stories coming out of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.

We’re highlighting three brands / people that have made themselves brands that were brought to our attention during NOEW.

Amanda Trotenberg

We’re often asked “how many times per day do I need to be using social media? How many tweets? Facebook posts?”

The answer to that question, of course, is as many tweets / posts as is beneficial to your organization. Sometimes, that is only a few. But if you’re City Business Web Editor, the answer is a lot higher – and Ms. Trotenberg has been doing her job wonderfully.

Her constant tweeting during #NOEW2013 has allowed anyone who couldn’t attent the event themselves, or may have missed a specific panel due to a time conflict, to learn about what they may have missed. During this week, we’ve heard a couple people talk about how the end goal of NOEW is to become just as big as SXSW. If we want that to actually come to fruition, we’re going to need a lot more people like Amanda Trotenberg.

3D Na’tee3D Na'tee - Awesome Rapper and Entrepreneur

Those who are familiar with the New Orleans Hip-Hop scene were most likely much more familiar with 3D Na’tee before this week – but her presence at the panel on Creative Entrepreneurship blew us away. Along with her full-time career as a rapper, she handles all of her marketing. Her website, her social media, and our favorite: her very own app!

Yes, that’s right, a customized app. It features song lyrics, music videos, comments, an event schedule, her store, and more. This way, whenever a fan needs their 3D Na’tee fix, it’s just a click away on their smartphone.

Key Models & Talent Agency

We’re recognizing Key Models & Talent Agency, because it’s one of the few professional sites out there with a dark, clean theme, that looks good, and matches their brand perfectly. Any business which sells how you look obviously has to look nice, but it’s important to take the extra step and make sure your website does the same. Consistent branding, large colorful pictures, and heavily-integrated media all help Key Models & Talent Agency create a website that builds upon their brand.

And the Lagniappe’s Lagniappe

You might have met everyone in New Orleans that’s leading the way for technology this week – but where is everyone that’ll be changing Louisiana’s tech scene in ten years?  They’re over in Kenner, actually.

Louisiana’s FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Bayou Regional is taking place in the Pontchartrain Center on Friday and Saturday. For those that don’t know FIRST, it’s essentially the March Madness of student robotics competitions. This year’s event gave high school teams six weeks to build a robot that can climb a pyramid and shoot Frisbees. It’s a family friendly event, so feel free to bring children if you want to inspire them about how cool engineering and technology can be. Or you can bring adults that like seeing 100+ pound metal machines smash into each other. That’s pretty cool too.

Enjoy fun robotics competition before Skynet makes robots not as fun anymore.

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