Emails from Rouses. If only our groceries could arrive in our inbox too!

Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe Starts the Weekend with Digital Marketing

Welcome to a Friday edition of Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe – because there is no better way to start a long weekend than with learning about some of the great digital marketing going on in our state. Let’s jump right in.

Rouses Markets

Emails from Rouses. If only our groceries could arrive in our inbox too!One of the best, and most often over-looked aspects of online marketing, is the email newsletter. With low costs, and a decent conversion rate, it typically ends up having the highest ROI for any of your digital marketing strategies. But of course, it’s email marketing, so most people don’t think it’s that exciting. But tell that to your bottom line!

So we’re finally going to highlight an email newsletter: Rouses’ email newsletter, to be a little more specific. They send them out often, and they’re all clean, well laid out, and use graphics created specifically for the newsletter itself. If your company doesn’t yet have an email newsletter, looks to theirs for ideas on how to start yours. Also, while we’re talking about Rouses’, have we mentioned that their Twitter  bio is one of our favorites: “Makin’ Groceries” – with two words, they’ve captured not only their companies purpose, but the brand personality they want to express as well.  Does your company have a regular newsletter?

New Orleans Public Library

For larger organizations with many different divisions, sometimes, one profile per social network isn’t enough. The New Orleans Public Library system is a great example of this. For many of their followers, they would only be interested in what is happening at their local branch. So the NOPL has specific Facebook (and a few Pinterest) accounts set up for each branch, along with a larger, overarching profile for the whole system. It’s a lot more organized than sending all their messages from one source. Would your organization’s followers be better served by multiple profiles?

Hotel Monteleone

Gambit’s Bar Wars is its own genius marketing tool (getting a bunch of bars to advertise your site’ contest, all in the name of charity? Well played.) But we picked one bar that we feel is doing the best using social media to help them win. Monteleone’s using their social media channels to not only promote the contest, but highlight it as one of their most important pieces of content for the month. Featuring great visuals, and polite but determined requests for votes – it has carried them pretty far through the contest. We’ll see if their luck continues over the next couple weeks. Does your brand work together with other companies to help cross-promote ideas?

And the Lagniappe’s Lagniappe

This week goes to a great little promotional video for New Orleans at night that’s been going around the past couple weeks. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, click this link and enjoy!

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