Schedulist Renamed StaffInsight, Announces New Productivity Tool with Applied Management Systems

StaffInsightLast week brought about a few changes to New Orleans-based Schedulist, an online staff scheduling application primarily used by nurses and nurse managers.

From now on, Schedulist will be known as StaffInsight. CEO of StaffInsight Chris Laibe said the company is changing to reflect their strategic pivot to position themselves properly in the healthcare market. The Schedulist name will remain as the brand name for the scheduling application.

Additionally, StaffInsight and Applied Management Systems (AMS), a recognized leader in healthcare management based in Burlington, Ma., have announced the completion of their co-developed software application to help healthcare providers track and manage their labor productivity. With StaffInsight’s technology knowledge and AMS’, “deep domain expertise,” the collaboration will bring the best of both worlds to the healthcare management industry.

“In the era of Affordable Care, our goal is to provide our customers with the best tools to responsibly control their labor cost, right down to the procedure and cost center. This enables cost control decisions to be made in the context of care quality and patient safety,” said Laibe.  “AMS brought the insight and experience of hundreds of their clients to the product, moving us dramatically toward our goal.”

“Our updated cloud-based cost center level and enterprise-wide resource monitoring system speak to our commitment to providing our clients with state-of-the-art management systems,” said Tom Webb, partner at AMS. “Our search for a partner with the requisite technical expertise to bring our product to the next level was fulfilled when we partnered with StaffInsight.”

Through this change, Laibe said, “Our mission remains the same: To deliver applications that help providers improve the lives of healthcare workers as a means to improve the quality of healthcare for patients.”

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