Community-Minded Digital Agency Lanyap Creative Has Launched

Lanyap CreativeA new digital agency has launched today, providing another boost to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Orleans. Two passionate technologists, Joe Corbett and Jason Seidman, founded Lanyap Creative and are focused on delivering effective and impactful campaigns.

An already growing staff joins Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, and Seidman, Chief Marketing Office. Andrew Curtis is Lanyap’s graphic designer and Melvin Saravia is the Executive Assistant.

The company announced they will continue to do three things on a daily basis: create amazing campaigns for clients, build a stronger tech community, and have fun at all costs. Lanyap is also keyed into the design, development, strategy, and community elements of all projects.

Pre-launch, Lanyap has been working on a number of websites and other projects. Whether building an app or throwing a fundraiser, the company fits the needs of most entrepreneurs and organizations.

“We are a digital agency that loves getting our hands dirty, by helping people brand and build their businesses,” said Corbett. “Even before our launch, we got involved with Petrodactyl Studios to help them raise money. These local developers will be using those funds in order to complete their very first Video game. In this particular case it helped that Jason and I are impassioned nerds that would love to see a successful game studio thriving in the city. But, we’ll gladly help out any of our fellow entrepreneurs, because it makes New Orleans a better place to do business and live. We certainly don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’re going to listen to the people of New Orleans, and do our best to give them what they’re looking for.”

Lanyap believes technology has a continuous sense of creative evolution. The team communicates someone’s message through multiple forms of media, delivering strong campaigns and building the entrepreneurial community in New Orleans.

“Everyone in the NolaTech community has just been so welcoming, and we’re thrilled to become its newest member. For some time, New Orleans has been attracting developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe, which is necessary to sustain the growth of our local economy. This is an exciting time for the city, as it now has the potential to play a major role in building new and inspiring technologies for tomorrow.”

Support Lanyap Creative by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Also, both Corbett and Seidman are contributors to Silicon Bayou News, so check out their great posts about New Orleans tech here and here.


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