Ecosystem Summit Challenges Global Leaders to Design the Future of New Orleans Entrepreneurship

NOEW.jpgOver one hundred global partners gathered during the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Summit during the fifth New Orleans Entrepreneur Week to discuss best practices for sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A report was published on Monday (April 1) with information about the Summit, including an overview of the presentations, a list of attendees, the full agenda, and a compilation and analysis of ideas generated during the event. The Summit challenged the leaders in attendance to discuss and examine the future of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of the main themes that came out of Entrepreneur week is that the city is in its third wave of entrepreneurship, as Walter Isaacson proposed. At a great intersection between art and commerce, creativity is once again being infused into entrepreneurship.

Guest speaker at the Summit, Mayor Landrieu, agreed with this idea of a third wave. He said, “we had a first wave and we had a second wave, obviously we can have a third…we have the opportunity to create that which should’ve always been.”

Below is a Summit briefing from Alex Fallon, Entrepreneur-In-Residence Analyst at Idea Village:

  • Mayor Landrieu challenged us, by 2018, to demonstrate to the world that we have come together to not just create an entrepreneurial ecosystem, not just save a city, but to help the United States of America find herself again;

  • We heard from national and international practitioners about experiences from other places;

  • We engaged in conversations with each other about our most daunting challenges and our craziest ideas to solve them; and

  • We were each called to play our own role in taking the city forward.

The Summit recognized an important moment in time, but where do we go from here?

Here are suggestions to maintain the momentum:

1) Expand the conversation to your network, friends, and colleagues by:

  • sharing the video from the Summit

  • sending them the report

2) Continue your engagement by:

The Ecosystem Community is an online forum that allows for fast, fun and rich conversations by posting beautiful photos and videos, planning events, even having face-to-face discussions in Hangouts. It has amazing quotes, photos, and resource links that were captured real-time during the Summit. If you have any trouble accessing the community, please send a message from this link.

3) Take action to link, leverage, and facilitate:

  • there are no rules; be creative!

  • for example, you could, create your own Jeffersonian dinner, as suggested by panelist Ben Powell

To read the full Summit report, click here. More information about Entrepreneur Week and the event can be found at


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