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One Last Showcase of Digital Marketing in Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe

Welcome, once more, to another Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe, where we examine the best of digital marketing in our state, and see how you can apply it to your own business. Today is going to be the final edition of the Lagniappe for a little while, as I take some time from highlighting great online marketing in our region, to dedicating more time to helping my own company’s clients become case studies for how to do digital right.

For this reason, today we’re looking at three organizations / events with the goal of helping Louisiana businesses market online in the long term, and seeing what they do to promote themselves.

Tweets about Tweeting for GrowNOLA


GrowNOLA is an event going on, well, right now! But what’s cool about the event, is that earlier this week, they gave away five tickets to it (valued at about $100 each) through Twitter. This idea worked in two ways. For one, it caused a heck of a lot of tweets about the event, as various users rushed to tweet about it in hopes of getting one of the five golden tickets. Secondly, it helped them “select” people who would be interested in a day spent helping your business grow. After all, these are people who pay attention to Twitter during business hours, so they’re clearly looking to the future of marketing for their organization (or maybe they were just slacking off, but let’s hope not!) Could your businesses build events use the help of a Twitter contest?

Stay Local!

Stay Local’s online directory is a wonderful example of getting other organizations to buy into your business by providing them a service. Stay Local works year-round to ensure that New Orleans citizens are aware of the benefits of shopping locally. They then work with business owners to help them grow that local business! Their local directory is one of the most influential ways they get this job done, by giving every local organization a free profile with space to display their information. It’s an easy to use tool that all of their stakeholders find helpful. What could you be doing to improve your industry as a whole!

Silicon Bayou News

Well what organization did you think we were going to end this all with? Actually, we’re highlighting a specific part of SBN – the top 100. This one little event is an amazing idea for so many different reasons, but let’s concentrate on one: the search engine optimization benefits. By nominating the top 100 people in tech in the region, you’re essentially guaranteeing 100 links from the top 100 LA tech sites. After all, everyone likes winning, and pretty much everyone will want to talk about winning online. While we haven’t don’t a full analysis of the impact of the Top 100 on SBN’s organic search traffic, you can be confident that all the posts, shares, and tweets about the event certainly boosted them up Google’s results pages. How can you make people want to share your website?

Want Lagniappe of Your Own?                         

Just because I won’t be writing anymore Lagniappe in the near future, doesn’t mean great online marketing in Louisiana is going to stop. There are lots of organizations out there that are helping businesses grow online, so get in touch with one of them. As a shameless plug, my company Online Optimism is always looking to help out local businesses. Sent me a note at and we’ll see what we can do for you. Who knows? It may just be included in a Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe a year from now!


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