Federated Sample’s Platform Fulcrum Reaches 2M Completed Survey Interviews in 2013

Federated SampleFulcrum is Federated Sample’s open and customizable online sampling platform that hit one million survey interviews for the year back in February. Today (April 9) the platform hit two million completed survey interviews.

The Federated Sample team considers this a major accomplishment. “Reaching 2 million survey interviews this early in the year is certainly very special and is a true testament to how hard our team has been working, said CEO Patrick Comer. “There are definitely more exciting milestones ahead for us in 2013.”

Federated Sample was founded in 2010 and has continued growing ever since. The company raised a $2.8 million Series A round in fall 2011 to improve online sampling and now is home to 36 employees in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York.

Here is the link to the video of how the team celebrated after reaching the one million mark earlier this year. Below is the video released earlier today after reaching 2M completed surveys.


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