New Orleans Entrepreneurship and Innovation Receive Significant National Media Attention

The Atlantic – The Big Comeback: Is New Orleans America’s Next Great Innovation Hub?

Image from Jerry Lodriguss © 1984.

Image from Jerry Lodriguss © 1984.

“Seasoned brain gain,” and the, “third wave,” are both terms frequently heard when referring to New Orleans’ business climate and entrepreneurship. Business Editor for The Atlantic Derek Thompson was sent to New Orleans on assignment during Entrepreneur Week to explore just that– what business opportunities and challenges are present in a city that focuses entrepreneurship.

Thompson wrote about the city’s direction after Katrina “There are three ways things could have gone,” he said. “In the third story, Hurricane Katrina somehow kickstarts an age of innovation and an economic renaissance in a city written off for dead.”

And here we are. Many agree, Mayor Landrieu and Walter Isaacson included, New Orleans is now in its third wave of entrepreneurship. Thompson said we are on a hard path, full of challenges, but have great potential to be a great business brand and innovation hub.

“New Orleans needs more than start-up enthusiasm,” he writes. “It needs start-up success stories. Breakout success stories.”

National Journal – How New Orleans Pulled Off An Economic Miracle

The National Journal published a conversation with Mayor Landrieu as part of a weeklong America360 series on New Orleans. He discusses how the city has become a magnet for all types of businesses.

Mayor Landrieu said, “When Forbes says we’re most-improved and best for jobs, when the Wall Street Journal says you’re best for business, something’s happening…The people in New Orleans are not just deciding to build the city back the way it was. They’re accepting responsibility to build it the way they always wanted it to be. It’s amazing how many young people we have from around the country who are starting to create stuff.”

“Yet another change has come from reversing the brain drain that for so long deprived New Orleans of homegrown talent,” said Adam Kushner from National Journal. “Spirited young do-gooders are flocking to town, opening service organizations and startups.”

New Orleans is experiencing a changing economy. With the influx of startups and technology companies, the city is being rebuilt in a new and better way than ever before.


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