Simple Sales Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Mark LewisYou have a great idea. You have done everything right to protect and get your idea to market  And you are ready to sell it, but sales and marketing are not your strength and you just don’t have the wherewithal or funding to hire a full time salesperson. So what do you do?  First of all, having the realization that you are not necessarily an effective salesperson is important. Entrepreneurs who are aware of their weaknesses can get those experts to help them become successful. But if you are not there yet, what do you do?

In this economy, a sale is king, so is cash flow.  An entrepreneur’s success is really determined by their ability to generate revenue. But you are also selling yourself. Let me give a few ideas that might be helpful (any maybe not traditional):

  1. People are important – Sales is about being in the people business. Customers want to be treated like they are important. And generally, people buy from whom they like. Too many times sales people are trying to sell their product without first realizing the needs and problems facing the customer. Getting people’s attention and maintaining a customer’s interest is more difficult today than ever before because of all the distractions they face. Every individual is unique and he or she deserves distinct treatment.
  2. Results are important – Sales is all about results. Organizing, planning and meetings must be tied to results.  When you focus on busywork and are not getting in front of the customer or touching them in some way, you won’t produce the results you want. Use the busywork for after hours and use the day to reach out and touch prospects and customers as much as possible.
  3. Being uncomfortable – Great sales people go the extra mile to set themselves apart from others. They throw themselves out there in what I consider to be uncomfortable ways: getting in front of tough customers, asking the hard questions, going for the close, not taking no for an answer, going where others might not go and looking for ways to solve unique problems.  You can’t get the big deals without boldly going where the big fish are.
  4. Go the Extra Mile – Successful sales people set themselves apart from others by going the extra mile and wowing the customer. Do something that customer remembers, such as a simply thank you, which can be seen as going above and beyond. When was the last time someone sent you a letter in the mail thanking you for something? Look for ways that a customer will remember you and want to do business with you. People want to feel important and valued.  Wouldn’t you want the same?
  5. Ask for the Sale – This sounds way too simple but most salespeople are scared to ask this question. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. And if you don’t ask, the only people you will sell to are those who are going to buy regardless.

So take your product, be confident and energetic and get the sales you deserve by implementing some of the ideas above. And once you do and sales start rolling in, your growth can be fueled by additional salespeople. If you would like to learn more or have extraordinary business challenges and would like help, please feel free to email me at or call 504 905-4646. Here is to your success.


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