Local Inter-Organizational Team Utilizes Project Management Software to Design a Creative Curriculum

WebplannerA motivated team of online learning specialists in New Orleans made a breakthrough last month in education case management. Using project management software Webplanner, the team led by Dr. Mollie Allarcon at Ochsner Health Systems was able to help a child with learning disabilities by creating and tracking his curriculum.

This instance is a good example of utilizing an existing or familiar technology for the better. “For years I’ve been trying to supplement the lack of resources in the schools here in New Orleans,” said Arlinda Westbrook, the student’s mother. She had experienced a disconnect between different organizations trying to accomplish the same goal, helping her son.

Data provided by Webplanner shows the student had made progress beyond the goals initially set. Dr. Alarcon said, “We have documented spontaneous learning, generalization of skills, and what we see is huge growth in this boy in areas we had not necessarily captured specifically but captured in general, in Task Comments… We would never have known what others were seeing had we not had this simple locus of shared goals, common quality indicators, discussion, and decision-making.”

Despite its recent and considerable success, Webplanner still has competition in the marketplace. “There are other browser-based project management applications, but Webplanner stands out by being simple enough that anyone can dive right in, including those with no project management experience,” said Sophia Elson from Webplanner. “TW’s progress is quantified in clear visual displays that are easy to understand, and there is an option of running multiple report types on it. Task attachments and comments keep information organized in one place and conversations flowing smoothly. The application is also cost effective, cutting back on meeting time.”

For more information, visit Webplanner.com.


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