DarkSeas Games Seeks Kickstarter Funding for New Video Game Road Redemption

A team of indie video game developers in Louisiana has launched their next big project on Kickstarter. DarkSeas Games is working to take the motorcycle combat-racing game play, pioneered by the Road Rash series, to the next level. If funded, the team will implement next generation graphics, physics, and online play into the game Road Redemption.

Road RedemptionRoad Redemption represents skill-based game play in which players are able to play across six missions with a varied arsenal and up to five motorcycles.

With ten days to go, DarkSeas Games has raised about half of the $160,000 goal. 2,978 people have pledged up to hundreds of dollars to see Road Redemption developed.

“Right now we’re focusing on making Road Redemption a great, focused, experience on a small number of platforms,” said DarkSeas. They plan to release Road Redemption on its primary platforms in July of next year.

Two days ago, DarkSeas was quoted saying, “Right now we have reached over 50% of our goal, which historically with Kickstarter projects gives us a very good chance of reaching it. We have some cool announcements planned and are confident that we will be able to reach our goal.”

DarkSeas has announced ten updates on Kickstarter so far, with another big announcement scheduled for midweek, and have been quick to answer any and all questions through the site. For more information, visit kickstarter.com/projects/darkseasgames/road-redemption.