Study Finds Theodent’s Key Ingredient is Better for Teeth than Fluoride

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A recent study published in Caries Research, a well-know and respected dental journal, has validated that the key ingredient in a local bioscience toothpaste company’s products re-mineralizes and hardens tooth enamel more than fluoride. The all-natural compound theobromine is found in Rennou, the chocolate extract that New Orleans-based Theodent uses in its toothpastes.

“This peer-reviewed study, conducted by one of the world’s foremost authorities on caries research, validates the potential of Rennou™ to ultimately replace fluoride in commercial toothpastes,” said Arman Sadeghpour, PhD., Theodent chief executive officer. “The study’s implications are significant and potentially disruptive for the oral care industry since theobromine is safe to swallow while all fluoride toothpastes still carry FDA mandated “do not swallow” warning labels,” he said.

Theodent currently works out of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, a hub for bioscience companies in Louisiana. Sadeghpour believes Louisiana is the most fertile ground in the United States right now for Biotech. He is grateful for Louisiana Economic Development’s investment in Biotechnology, prompting the multimillion-dollar incubator.

The company launched the chocolate-flavored Theodent Kids back in February, joining the already launched Theodent Classic and Theodent 300.

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