Data Backup in New Orleans: Absorb’s Non-Traditional Approach has recently launched as the go-to data backup system in New Orleans. The company contributes backup beyond the traditional providers by running copies of your servers and workstation.

“We help people utilize their websites as a tool, protect their data and achieve greater profitability through proper data management,” said Absorb Owner Frank Otillio.

The company has done a complete overhaul with launch of new site and product, a move away from the original company Fusion LLC, which was founded on the basis that each team member had one of the three unique skills necessary to start a website design company. “I provided the graphic work, Stacy provided the database and scripting work and Steve kept the servers running,” said Otillio. “This eventually evolved into all of us doing everything possible to launch our data backup company

At its peak, the company had six partners. Otillio says they are back down to a comfortable three with some technicians providing hands-on support at our out-of-state hosting facility.

“ custom-builds duplicate copies of an organization’s critical workstations and servers and then ties them all together in a virtual environment,” Otillio told SBN. “In the event of a crisis employees can work from home or anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection – they can simply log into a duplicate copy of their workstation and continue day-to-day activities as usual. The system provides true business continuity and in today’s data-rich environment a business cannot survive without it.”

Otillio also weighed in on the tech scene in New Orleans. “It’s hugely different from what you might find in another state. If you attend a Chamber of Commerce or similar networking event in another major city and you introduce yourself as being in a particular industry you will find that a competitor will do their best to either avoid or devalue you throughout the remainder of the event. In New Orleans there is generally a rush of competition toward one another to make introductions and try to find some differentiating service offerings or another means to forward one another leads while still pursuing as much self-interest as the relationship will bear.”

“Whether it is out of self-protection or the fact that New Orleans is one of the smallest big cities around remains to be seen,” Otillio continued, “but in my opinion it strengthens the industry.”

For more information about Absorb visit their website here and don’t forget to follow hashtag #NOLAtech for the latest tech news on Twitter.