JNOLA to Host Technology Professionals as Speakers at Networking Event Tonight

JNOLAIn January, the Jewish Federation and the JCC collaborated to form JNOLA, a new organization for young Jewish professionals in New Orleans. Over the past 6 months, JNOLA has offered 21 to 45 year olds various opportunities to expand their personal and professional circles and get involved with the Jewish community through social events, networking opportunities and participation in community-wide events.

In similar fashion, JNOLA is hosting a summer professional networking event tonight at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The event is for anyone (regardless of religion) interested in biotechnology, entrepreneurship, networking and more.

The event will be host to five emerging entrepreneurs and technology innovators, including:

  • Billy Bosch, Be Well Nutrition

  • Benjamin Cappiello, Bioceptive

  • Jennifer Medbery, Kickboard

  • Sam Allouche, ChapterSpot

  • Kris Khalil, New Orleans BioFund

Austin Lavin, member of the JNOLA Board and one of the organizers of tonight’s event, said, “As technology and startup companies continue to grow in New Orleans, we believe that it’s important for them to build relationships with the broader New Orleans community. Tonight’s event provides a platform for young professionals to learn about what’s really going on in the marketplace and for local companies to share some of their success stories. Hopefully the connections made tonight will lead to new sales, new jobs and maybe even a new company.”

For more information, visit jnola.com or visit the Facebook event page.