Babberly Launches Location-Based Social Sharing App

BabberlySocial sharing app babberly launched in earlier this month in the App Store. The app is a unique photo sharing and community chat experience that helps users figure out where to go and what to do in their respective locations.

The location-based app offers features including:

  • Photo sharing capabilities – Show off the dish of the day at a favorite restaurant, share a shot of the Happy Hour specials board, let friends see the dress code in real time, and so much more.

  • Robust community chat – Share insider info, ask questions, and consumer-source insight in real time.

  • babberCRED – Earn credits for exchanging tips and recommendations. The babberCRED virtual currency transforms into exclusive real-money vouchers redeemable at participating merchants. Every 2500 credits in babberCRED translates to a $25 voucher.

  • Coming Soon: Video posting – Users can post videos showing off the vibe at their favorite club or the awesome atmosphere at the art festival.

“Babberly is going to change the way people interact with friends, events, and local merchants in their communities.” states CEO and Co-founder Bobby Marhamat. “We’re poised and ready to disrupt to local landscape!”

Babberly is a free and simple way to communicate with others users who have checked into various venues close to your location.

The company was founded last year by Marhamat and Ivan Von Turkovich. To date, babberly has raised $125,000 in seed capital.

For more information or to download babberly, click here.