ProsperityNOLA Plans to Drive Economic Growth Through Five Areas of Focus by 2018

ProsperityNOLAOne of the oldest cities in America is ready to be born again. Last week, around 600 New Orleanians, both natives and transplants, gathered for the launch of ProsperityNOLA: A Plan to Drive Economic Growth for 2018.

The five-year citywide economic development strategic plan was announced by New Orleans Business Alliance and the City of New Orleans. The plan will act as a road map for the business community.

Aimee Quirk, Economic Development Advisor to Mayor Mitch Landrieu, said, “this is really the city’s first ever economic development plan.” She said it’s important to develop goals.

“Developing ProsperityNOLA was just the beginning. This strategic plan identifies implementation strategies and specific action steps as well as a list of individuals and organizations responsible for implementing and monitoring progress.”

The five areas of focus for the plan are: advanced manufacturing, bio-innovation and health services, creative digital media, sustainable industries and transportation, trade and logistics.

“Never before have I seen this level of unity, collaboration and willpower to transform a city’s economy,” wrote Rodrick Miller, President and CEO of New Orleans Business Alliance, in a letter to the community.

“This is not a plan that’s just about bringing in new companies, it’s about growing our existing company base,” said Miller.

Miller also urges the business community to be informed by visiting and share the ProsperityNOLA message to other members of the community.