New Orleans and Louisiana Make Headlines With High Levels of Entrepreneurial Activity and Fast City Growth

Image from Jerry Lodriguss © 1984.

Image from Jerry Lodriguss © 1984.

Forbes recently ranked New Orleans the number one fastest growing city in the country since the recession.

Forbes contributor Joel Kotkin said the city’s ”fast growth is partially a rebound effect from its massive population loss after Katrina, but is also a function of a striking economic revival that I have seen firsthand as a consultant in the area.”

The population of New Orleans has grown 28% to 370,000 since 2007, many of whom are part of the entrepreneurial renaissance and brain gain.

Additionally, last week, CNN Money placed Louisiana 9th on the list of most entrepreneurial states.

“When startups grow in Louisiana, they’re in good company,” writes contributor Parija Kavilanz. “Louisiana has a rich history of fostering young businesses, some of whom eventually evolved into large companies.”

CNN reports the 2012 startup rate is 400 per 100,000 adults.

Kavilanz continued, “Many startups are attracted to Louisiana’s traditional fishing and oil and gas industries, but the state’s growing technology, life sciences, music and entertainment sectors also are luring new businesses.”

Kavilanz spoke to President of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, Scott Martinez, about the entrepreneurial state. He said, “There’s a ‘coolness’ factor inherent to many parts of Louisiana that’s particularly appealing to [many] communities.”

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