Technology Advocate Group Launches in Baton Rouge

Technology Advocate GroupBaton-Rouge based Technology Advocate Group (TAG) is in the business of solving problems. TAG provides companies across the country with advice, strategic opinions and advocacy to select the right solutions that will deliver the right results for their businesses.

TAG’s mission is to minimize risk associated with the implementation of mission critical software applications and increase their client’s competitive advantage in the marketplace through strategic selection and execution of technology solutions. The company focuses their technology consulting on software application development, website development, SEO audits, marketing automation software, business analytics and CRM.

“Most companies know they need technology to make their business more efficient, but they don’t always have the time, knowledge and resources to explore all their options, and they end up paying large amounts of money on solutions that don’t always solve their problems.” said Natalie Noel, CEO and Founder of Tech Advocate Group. “I’m really excited to offer a service that fills this void and helps companies make informed decisions when upgrading to new technologies.”

TAG was founded by Noel in 2012 after she saw a need in the marketplace for true technology advocacy for business leaders. Prior to launching TAG, Natalie served as COO for a Louisiana-based custom software company and VP of Sales for a CRM software consulting company.

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