Come Help Plan the First-Ever NOLATech Week!!! (Formerly NOLATech Fest)


Join us on Sunday, August 18th to help plan the first-ever NOLATech Week!


What is NOLATech Week?

Formerly NOLATech Fest (for 6 days), it has already grown into something even more exciting. Now, we’ll be celebrating all the excitement during NOLATech Week! This will be a weeklong event, meant to celebrate New Orleans’ place in the world as a leader in technology and innovation. Although some of the Marquee Events will be planned by NOLATech Week volunteers, all other Featured Events will be organized by members of the community, such as yourself!


Who is a part of the NOLATech Community?

Everyone who benefits from, participates in, or uses technology to better their lives or our community.


What’s is the purpose of NOLATech Week?

NOLATech Week is intended to showcase the New Orleans Tech Community, and how we’re utilizing our city’s economic growth to innovate across diverse disciplines. New Orleans has been revolutionary in transforming so many industries, such as: Education, Health, Entertainment, Food, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Legal Services and more. NOLATech Week is our opportunity to connect as a community, learn from each other, celebrate how far we’ve come, and how far we can go!


When is NOLATech Week?

NOLATech Week is a week-long event, running from Monday, October 7th – Saturday, October 12th.


How do I get involved in NOLATech Week?

Sign up for this meeting to help plan your NOLATech Week event! On August 18th, the community will come together, and help plan NOLATech Week by proposing their own events. At this meeting, members of the community will discuss their ideas, and receive advice/assistance on how to help make their event a reality. Those who sign up will have their event featured on the NOLATech Week calendar and be promoted alongside the week’s Marque events.


What’s happing at this meeting on August 18th?

Those who pre-registered will present their idea for an event and what they need to put it on.

Attendees will assist each other and learn about resources available through the preexisting volunteers and donations.

Those who attend the meeting will meet others interested in putting on similar events.


What would be considered a NOLATech Week event?

Any event that engages the community and spreads the message of how we’re using technology to grow businesses or helping better the world. This can be anything from a tour of your office, to organizing a panel. You can teach a class on something you specialize in, whether it be education, law, or graphic design; there’s no limit to the number of groups this applies to. You can host a meetup, organize a hackathon, or invite consumers to test your new product. The goal is simply to make an event that shows how New Orleans innovates, utilizes, and features technology to help better our community.


Register for the event here: