Apptitude Featured on CNBC Asia




The following post was written by Apptitude Founder Chris Boyd, who recently made an appearance on CNBC Asia.


CNBC Asia LogoI had a great time last week as a featured guest on CNBC Asia’s The Call With Bernie Lo, debating Apple’s relevance and discussing whether the changes introduced at WWDC 2013 were enough to help Apple get its edge back in a post-Steve Jobs existence. Personally, I was impressed by all the announcements Apple made, especially with the expected change to flat design under Jony Ive’s direction. Goodbye leather stitching!

From skeuomorphism to iRadio, Bernie and I discussed all things iOS 7, and why he’s not convinced Tim Cook’s Apple can do enough to stay ahead of the game. Both of us agreed that Apple’s historically tight controls over iOS have to loosen up. We also discussed Samsung’s impressive momentum and how our customers have started demanding Android versions of their apps.

It was a great debate about what it takes to stay fresh in the mobile world, and I loved hearing how the market looks for mobile developers in Asia. I look forward to coming back on the show to discuss apps soon!

If you have DirecTV, you can catch The Call weeknights at 8PM on CNBC World, channel 357.

You can view the entire clip here: