NOLATech Week’s Sunday Meeting Officially has a Venue!


On behalf of the NOLATech Week volunteers, let me first thank all of the individuals, organizations, and businesses that have been instrumental in transforming NOLATech Week into something truly special. In just a 22 short, members from all over community have taken the idea, and turned it into a movement. NOLATech Week is no longer just series of events, it’s evolved into an extraordinary expression of our city’s myriad passions. The community has been incredible, coming forward with incredible new information and ideas.

With all that said, we’ve still got a long way to go. While there has been an amazing outpouring of support, we know there are members of our community who haven’t yet had the chance to share their ideas. We are having a meeting this Sunday, so you can suggest your own events and find the help you need to make your event a reality.

The only requirements for an event is that it’s free to attend, and helps engage members of the community in a fun/exciting way. Other than that, the goal for any event should be to educate, learn, and grow, while capturing the attention and imaginations of everyone involved.

If you’re interested in planning an event on behalf of your business/organization, register here for Sunday’s meeting, so you can garner or give support support to the NOLATech Community. On that note, we’d like to give a special thanks to one of our several Marquee Event sponsors, Propeller, for donating their space as part of their support for the NOLATech community.

 If you are interested in sponsoring in any way, just let us know. This event will be whatever we all make it–so, let’s make it phenomenal!

You can also engage NOLATech Week through Twitter: @NOLATechWeek!