Interactive Music Platform Announces iPhone Release, Adds Experimental Music Group to Roster

Tutti Dynamics, the creator of Tutti Music Player, provides users with the opportunity to practice their music with masters and share content with friends through the interactive software launched earlier this year. Previously only available on the iPad, Mac and PC, the company recently announced the platform is now available on iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

Tutti Music Player“We started Tutti Dynamics to give people access to the teaching and techniques of master artists,” said Darren Hoffman, CEO.

The Player allows users to view split screen videos of musicians and focus in on different instruments and angles for each song.

“We’re not trying to replace private lessons,” Hoffman said. “We’re trying to make them more efficient.”

Plus, the online learning platform provides an added revenue stream for musicians.

The top quality content and tools for all levels of practicing musicians are available at an affordable price. The iPhone release coincides with the release of a new interactive collection of music by The Love Experiment, an experimental hip-hop group. Bliss by The Love Experiment is currently available for free.

“The Love Experiment is the kind of band we’ve all been waiting for,” said Hoffman. “They maintain respect for the history of the music while channeling a collective sound of today’s generation. With two singers that have an uncanny ability to weave their sounds together, they, along with the rest of the group create a sound that is colorful, dynamic and soulful.”

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