Apptitude Launches Music Streaming Platform Education Everytime

Local app development studio, Apptitude, has announced the launch of its latest project, music streaming platform Education Everytime.

Education EverytimeEducation Everytime is the brainchild of Lorenzo Castillo. The former Teach for America alum and current fifth grade teacher at KIPP in New Orleans created the classroom management tool through music out of a desire to reduce chaos and increase educational success.

After winning $50,000 in prize money at The Idea Village’s Big Idea pitch competition, Castillo contacted Apptitude Founder Chris Boyd to get the ball rolling with the technical development. Boyd also developed the Idea Village app, which was released in March.

“We were thrilled to work with Education Everytime to develop their web app, because it’s a platform that unites the two areas in which New Orleans is leading the nation: technology and education,” said Chris Boyd. “We’re pleased with the outcome, and are very happy to have helped Lorenzo and his team take their Big Idea from concept to reality.”

Similar partnerships are popping up all over the city that propel many of the entrepreneurs in New Orleans forward. One big player on the scene, Co-founder and CEO of Idea Village Tim Williamson, believes the partnerships are an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The key to sustaining the entrepreneurial movement in New Orleans is to engage and leverage the talent of the ecosystem,” said Williamson. “This partnership between Education Everytime and local developer Apptitude illustrates the growing connectivity of the entrepreneurial community in New Orleans.”

Education Everytime is available to everyone as a free 30-day trial. Sign up at to get started.