Calliope Launches New Orleans Historic Tours and Streetcar App

“There’s an app for that.” Well, when it comes to New Orleans, there are now three apps in one for touring the city. A local leader in the mobile industry, Calliope Digital, has been approved by Apple for a self-published app, the New Orleans Historic Tours & Streetcar app.

The app is available for download in the App Store.

Calliope History Streetcar appOne of the most convenient features is the Streetcar Tracker designed with GPS pinpoint positioning. The routes include the St. Charles Avenue, Canal Street and Loyola Avenue lines. The Tracker is currently in beta but will surely make public transit easier to manage in the upcoming summer months.

“Our updated New Orleans Historic Tours & Streetcar app is your best companion to explore the city,” said COO of Calliope, Pauline Willeford. “We packaged 3 apps into one, so that now you can explore the French Quarter, the Garden District, and travel with ease across New Orleans using the new Streetcar Tracker.”

The app covers 23 locations in the Garden District and 27 in the French Quarter. Additionally, it provides an interactive map of all locations, GPS location services, multiple photos for each location, audio, and is one third the price of a tour.

“These Historic Garden District and French Quarter tours are great for first time visitors to New Orleans, longtime residents who want to show the city to family and friends from out of town, and those that want to learn more about this famous and historic city without ‘looking like a tourist,’” said Willeford.