New Orleans-Only Crowdfunding Platform Launches to Highlight City’s Entrepreneurs

FundDat, a brand new reward-based, crowdfunding platform has officially launched in beta development. The company strives to be an empowering and educational source for New Orleans companies.

After Startup Weekend New Orleans in April, founders Alex McConduit and Marc Juneau decided to join forces. McConduit is the idea and business guy while Juneau is more on the technical side of the company.

FundDatMcConduit and  Juneau decided early on that FundDat would be a New Orleans-only platform. Projects have to be about New Orleans or based in New Orleans. So whether you are opening a New Orleans Creole concept restaurant in New York and are seeking funding or are looking to raise funds for a blight revitalization project in New Orleans, your project is a fit for FundDat.

As long as the project is NOLA-centric, FundDat wants to help.

“We want to help people help themselves,” said McConduit. “We want to create a crowdfunding culture…we know there are thousands of people in NOLA with great ideas and that’s why we are developing Fund Dat.”

The founders said they are set apart from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others because they strive to be the New Orleans-only crowdfunding experience. McConduit and Juneau will host workshops that bring in experts to share what makes successful businesses.

In a recent blog post, McConduit wrote, “we’re really excited to bring you a crowdfunding platform that focuses on funding projects created in or about New Orleans. Our business and entrepreneurial communities are booming right now but we know there are far more people in the Greater New Orleans area with ideas who just need a little cash to turn them into realities.”

FundDat has already secured five companies for the site and is currently seeking additional featured launch projects. On September 10th and 12th, they will host  “Conversations on Crowdfunding” events for companies that are interested in learning more information.