Four Years After Start, Relaunches to Highlight Local Tech Movement is back and better than ever. On August 26th, the site relaunched in partnership with GNO, Inc. with new features and contributions to the local tech community.

“New Orleans has a history of having great people and an exciting culture. The same thing is evident for our technology community. Our goal is to highlight the tech movement in New Orleans.”

Co-founder Chris Boudy said they looked at the organization as a whole to see what was not working and what they could be doing better. “We decided to re-tool with the goal to highlight technology in New Orleans and we really wanted to be a hub of information for the tech community. With that in mind, we looked at what information people really needed/wanted along with what we could do for New Orleans.”

Boudy wants people to know about the vibrant tech community in New Orleans. “We re-tooled the website with a new design, plenty new pages, and continuing our community outreach,” he continued.

New and updated features include community videos, groups with a listing of every local user group and an organizations list for IT professionals, events and resources. The events calendar lists all tech meetups, events and conferences happening in New Orleans available by month, list, week, map and photo view. is also listing several resources regarding professional development, education, funding and so on that will benefit local techies.

Also involved in Teen Tech Day, is busy planning its 4th annual event. Boudy said it is important piece of the organizations outreach. For more information, visit

Check out the new site by visiting today!