Which Gizmo is Best for Conference Calling? Tech Update for New Orleans Citizens

Online meeting is a scheme – a strategy – that is highly recommended in the 21st century business management. Being the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana, are the New Orleans citizens really utilizing the power of modern technology for easing out their work? The number of companies utilizing this strategy is not as important as the number of companies capable of utilizing this strategy properly.

Conference calling is available to everyone, even individuals outside of any business arena. The important factor that should be prioritized by thriving companies is its maximization. Those who already incorporated conference calling to their working procedures usually do not possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of it. How, then, do you expect to enhance your communication? Later on, conference calling becomes an accessory that is invented on but rarely used.

Stop wasting opportunities. The lack of time is no excuse, and so is the lack of competent people to conduct the conference calls. This modern generation has equipped us to overcome every obstacle, may it be technical, education, or social. If you are still convinced that you are lacking in time and trained people to operate your conference calls, then opt for choices that are simple.

There are plenty of online tools that empower you to make successful conference calls without the hassle.

1.     Uberconference

Uberconference is the epitome of simplicity. You don’t need extensive technological skills to host a successful conference anymore, nor do you need to set etiquettes to eliminate the ambiguity of calls, particularly audio conferences.

The participants are spared from having to continuously introduce themselves whenever they share their insights; the computer will automatically display the current speaker’s information, including the names and the photos.

PINs, while useful and secure, can be difficult to remember, especially when you are not in your office. Uberconference obliges users to enter their conference call number and it will do the rest. The authentication of your phone number from the conference you are attempting to access happens in mere seconds and before you know it, you’re already in.

2.     Speek


Speek allows users to make simple, free and visual conference calls.

Speek allows users to make simple, free and visual conference calls.

Speek is one conference calling tool that definitely listens to your needs. This is a practical choice for companies that are required to be in frequent communication with partners and clients both locally and internationally. Unlike other conference call providers, it offers you a customized space in the web for all your online meetings.

How? Speek gives all its users their unique, individual link that can be shared with the participants of the conference call. Upon the creation of your account, you will have to register a username that will then be attached to the URL, making it your own. For you to commence a meeting, you will have to send that URL to the participants, ask them to click the link, and then to enter their phone numbers. Speek will call that number and answering that call connects you to the virtual meeting place.

Aside from the ease of use, Speek has plenty of other benefits, including file sharing, call recording, and chat privileges.

3.     Google Voice

Google is a standard in the worldwide web, and it is slowly building that same reputation in the field of conference calling. Installing its software to your device is the first step to profiting from Google Voice, a feat that is hassle-free in comparison to the requirements of other providers.

While it doesn’t grant you a personal URL, it does give you a Google Voice number that you can share to the participants of the conference call you wish to conduct. There’s no need to worry about uninvited participants interrupting your virtual meeting because even if they have the number, you still have the power to accept and reject call participations.

Google Voice enables its users to modify conference calls through its many features, some of which are customized greetings, optional recordings, diverse notification methods, and possible phone and phone number switching.

4.     Powwownow

If you are after a provider that has already proven itself in the field of communication, then Powwownow will not disappoint. It has made its name in the US and in the UK, even receiving recognition for its growth in regards to technology.

Powownow can boast about its advantage when it comes to cost reduction. The usual commotion in the reservation of the provider’s services, the fees, the bridging connection, and the billing are eliminated because you will have to pay only for the call you make, which is listed in the same category as your telecoms bill.

It doesn’t fall short of the customized virtual space that Speek offers because it has its own design that allows for a more organized manner of delivering conference calls. The Chairperson PIN favours the host to have greater control of the conference flow and its participants.