First Ever Market Research Sampling Conference Welcomes National Industry Leaders to New Orleans

SampleConSampleCon will bring together creators, innovators and leaders who are shaping the future of market research sampling. Federated Sample, a New Orleans-based market research technology firm, is hosting the first ever sample-only conference Monday, September 9th, 2013 at the Westin Canal Place. Registration is still available through Sunday at 6:00 PM.

Federated Sample was originally going to design a small user conference, topping out at 30-35 attendees. The sample industry is a small niche within the general market research industry, but it turns out they were highly interested in having a conference of their own.

“I think its a pretty big deal for NOLA, because like TwilioCon, its a step in building the ecosystem of companies that are building off the Fulcrum platform,” said local entrepreneur Chris Schultz.

Around 70 executives from across the industry have already registered for SampleCon. “This is the first time that clients and partners and prospects are coming into the same space,” said Mike Mayer, Executive Analyst at Federated Sample.

“Our technology brings together the buyers and sellers of sample,” said Mayer.“We’ve always experience that virtually…sample con is the manifestation of what our technology does.”

SampleCon is somewhat modeled after BarCamp, the tech “unconference” in New Orleans modeled freely by attendees for attendees. Mayer said that instead of lectures, the daylong event will emphasize unbridled group discussions about the industry.

“A participant-driven event without a predefined agenda, SampleCon is a truly unique opportunity to be part of a day filled with unbridled discussion, demonstration and debate. With no boundaries, come prepared to participate as you define the content and drive the discussion.”

The three tracks at SampleCon are shared experiences, knowledge center, and ask an expert.

The sample industry is changing fast, according to Mayer. Federated Sample is looking forward to mixing up the traditional conference.

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