Idea Village Releases Remaining IDEAinstitute Sessions for September

NOEWIDEAinstitute, hosted by The Idea Village for learning and connecting to fellow entrepreneurs, has released the schedule of remaining sessions through the month of September.

Sessions take place every Wednesday from 3:00 until 5:00 PM at The Idea Village. The rest of the schedule will be released on a rolling basis through February.

On Wednesday (September 11), Aimee Freeman from Adatto Freeman Strategic Consulting, will be presenting at IDEAinstitute.

The Idea Village asks: “have you ever wondered why other people are having a difficult time understanding your idea?” “Are you frustrated by roadblocks you encounter when talking to people about your product?” and “Do you see polite but puzzled looks on people’s faces when you talk about your business?”

Entrepreneurs make mistakes. The three biggest ones are that they don’t know who their ideal clients are and what matters to them, they don’t know how to connect with ideal investors, or they struggle with how to communicate with clients and investors.

Freeman, an expert advisor for various businesses for over 20 years, is passionate about sharing her knowledge and enjoys helping others success. She will help IDEAinstitute attendees master the art of communication with an interactive workshop where they will learn  the top three ways to connect to ideal clients, 10 simple things you can do to sell your ideas better, and five ways to embrace your authentic communication style.

Other upcoming sessions include What’s Your Big Idea? Problem Identification & Opportunity Recognition with Robbie Vitrano, Co-founder at Trumpet, Naked Pizza and The Idea Village, and Skip the Sharks – How to Evaluate and Evolve Your Business Ideas with Luke Hooper, President of FACTOR 10.

The full IDEAinstitute calendar is available in the Entrepreneur Portal.