Net2NO: The Technology and Talent Behind Making (and Mixing) Music


Net2NO: Innovation. Inspiration. Inebriation. The meetup known as the “granddaddy in the tech and startup community” in New Orleans is hosting it’s 64th event tomorrow at Marlene’s Place beginning at 6:00 PM. Below is more information about the event (taken from, which will feature local music-tech ventures. Register here.

Net2NO (pronounced “NetSquared New Orleans” or “Net Two Know”) is known as the “granddaddy the tech and startup community” in New Orleans. Founded in 2008 as a way to get local entrepreneurs, innovators and tech people into the same room, it has grown from a mere 30 members to over 1, 000 people. We’re the fourth largest Net2Local meetup group in the world (out of 75 total), and our members have started a variety of spinoff groups, events and companies including GNOCODE, Closing the NOLA Gap (an education-focused version of Net2NO), Localsource.IT, and TribeCon.

Although New Orleans has yet to top a list naming us the “most musical city in the world”, as residents, music is in everything we do and everywhere we go. Therefore, making the connections between music and technology a no-brainer. If this connection is not glaringly obvious to you yet, we’re confident it will be after you get a load of this month’s meetup.

We’ve put together a talented panel of professionals making, mixing and mingling music for the sake of education. Here’s a bit about who’ll be rocking this month’s meetup:

Start’em Off Young…

Meet Lorenzo Castillo, winner of this year’s Idea Village Big Idea contest, and mastermind being the “Education Everytime” app. Developed by Apptitude (@ApptitudeNOLA), Education Everytime uses custom made hip hop tracks to help kids stay focused, prepare for certain daily activities, or get ready for fun things like lunch or recess. We’ll find out Lorenzo’s source of inspiration and what went into making this award-winning app.

Then We Go Madd (Madd Wikkid, that is)

There so much more to Earl Scioneaux (@mwikkid) than just an amazing head of hair. Underneath his mane lies the mind of the Madd Wikkid. This multi-talented producer, arranger and engineer most recently took an unusual musical creation that married the sounds of New Orleans brass with the music of Daft Punk via Kickstarter with his “Brassft Punk” project.

A recent interview with Earl got down and dirty on what got him started in music and what inspires his recordings, but what they didn’t get were some of the technical tricks of the trade…nope, that’s reserved for Net2NO’ers.

Yo DJ…Spin that Wheel

We’ve all done it – downloaded DJ Mixer Pro for iPad and proclaimed  “I could TOTALLY be a DJ”; then we see someone like Tony Skratchere work his magic on a couple of turntables and then we come to the realization that no app is gonna give us what he’s got. But if mixing is your dream, then this may be your lucky year. Skratchere has been a mentor to deejays far and wide. Recently, you can find him lending his talents to creating a whole new crop of music mixers through NOLA Mix. This New Orleans based DJ and music production program teaches students of all ages and skill levels the art of mixing.

After each of our esteemed guests has shared their musings, we’ll probe them to share their favorite apps, sites and sources for discovering and listening to music (along with whatever else you need to know to get your music career off the ground).

Still Looking for the Connection?

Here’s a little extracurricular reading to further make the point:

Connection between music and technologyDigitally RemasteredMusic and technology Groove Together

Oh, and Speaking of Music –  

It’s time to blow your own horn already!  

Gambit is now accepting “40 Under 40” Nominations

There’s nothing we’d love to see more than Net2NO’ers dominating this year’s list, and so many of you are “worthy of distinction”. The deadline to submit is October 11, 2013. Click here for information including details and guidelines. NOTE: If you’re too shy to write it, then find someone else to do it for you OR write it yourself and ask someone to submit it). Remember: It’s not vain, it’s PR for you, your business, or your cause of choice – and you deserve it!

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Announcements, Sponsors and More

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