NOLATech Week Schedule Released

NOLATechWeeklogos-03 copyNOLATech Week, a community weeklong event created by the people for the people, has officially released the schedule of events. The inaugural event, scheduled for October 7th through 12th, 2013 is planning to feature a range of events including: panels, meetups, speakers, competitions, demonstrations, job fairs and social events.

Local nonprofits, businesses, organizations and community groups have banded together to make this a historical, annual event.

Event organizer Jason Seidman said, “We are creating NOLATech Week for the entire city. Our goal is to highlight all the incredible ways New Orleanians are developing and using technology to better our lives and our community. We started this as a small group of volunteers, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve already seen from local nonprofits, businesses, and organizations–as well as the incredible event partners that have joined in this effort. We’re excited to help bring attention to the important work that is taking place right here in New Orleans.”

Attendees can register now here.

Monday, October 7

9:00am – Opening Press Conference

6:00pm – Opening Party

Tuesday, October 8

3:00pm – NOVAC

6:00pm – Net2NO MeetUp

7:00pm – Hack Night

Wednesday, October 9

8:00am – Revelry Labs Tech Breakfast

10:30am – Greater New Orleans Inc.

3:00pm – The Idea Village’s Shredder Night LIMITED

Thursday, October 10

10:00am – BioDistrict New Orleans

2:00pm – BioDistrict New Orleans

6:00pm – Propeller

7:00pm – GNOcode

Friday, October 11

2:00pm – CityBusiness LIMITED

4:00pm – DLC13 for Game Dev’rs and Gamers LIMITED

7:00pm – 4.0 Schools

Saturday, October 12

6:30pm – Closing Party

NOLATech Week Quick Facts:

  1. Nobody owns this event. This is a community created, funded, and crafted, event–by the community; for the community;
  2. All events are free to the public
  3. Marquee Events have been planned for the week, and we look forward to revealing them soon;
  4. In addition to the incredible events that Marquee event partners have planned, the goal is to have countless Featured Events, created by community organizers such as yourself. As long as your event is free, and in the spirit of the Week, it will be listed on the schedule as a “Featured NOLATech Week Event.” There’s a form below, which makes it easy to submit a Featured event;
  5. All events are intended to educate, engage, facilitate collaboration, or grow awareness, for all businesses, organizations, and members of our community;
  6. Events can (and will) take many different forms. Potential event formats include: panels, classes, pitch competitions focused on sustainability, startup features, family tech activities, cocktail parties, competitions to bring in companies from out of state, a city-wide cultural/educational events, film competitions, and more;
  7. While the events are free, and open to the public, NOLATech Week badges are needed to attend the Marquee events. But, you’re encouraged to wear the badges at all the Featured events as well.
  8. Everyone who registers to take part in the week, will receive a “NOLATech Week Attendee” badge at their first marquee check-in. While registering, those who choose to donate $5 will recieve a “NOLATech Week Supporter” badge, and some cool NOLATech Week gear;
  9. 100% of those donations will go to the crowdsourced charity, which will be selected by those who attend the closing party on October 12th;
  10. Events will be going on all over the city, featuring a wide variety of our community’s resources;
  11. As community events continue to be submitted, we’ll be updating the schedule, so keep checking back to see all the new events being added each day;
  12. Sponsor and Partner donations will be collected to make the overall week a success. Community created events will also collect sponsoships directly, which is intended to help them offset their costs, locate future potential sponsors, and recognize those community sponsors on the NOLATech Week site, that made the events possible;
  13. The goal of NOLATech Week is to come together as a community to celebrate all of the organizations, businesses, products, and people that makes New Orleans unique. This is the perfect platform to show how much we’ve already started to play a major part in the world’s tech economy and how our city is perfect for innovations in Music, Health, Education, Art, Food, Energy, Entertainment, and so much more.