Equity Endeavor Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Help 4 New Orleans Businesses

Image from siliconhillsnews.com

Image from siliconhillsnews.com

Today, the city-specific, rewards-based crowdfunding platform Equity Endeavor has launched, announcing the four companies chosen for the inaugural Equity Endeavor New Orleans Platform.

Founders Broderick McClinton and Eric Sonnier designed Equity Endeavor to be a cost-effective way for business owners to raise funds outside of the traditional equity and lending types of financing.

The four companies chosen to work with Equity Endeavor are:

“Our focus has always been on finding the right group of businesses and we’ve done just that! Beginning September 13th, the city of New Orleans will have a chance to support small business owners and local entrepreneurs through the city’s own, rewards-based crowdfunding portal. As someone who lived in New Orleans, I know what small business means to the city and Equity Endeavor is all about helping promote these great local entrepreneurs,” said McClinton.

The platform is designed with two important aspects in mind: customer affinity and rewards. Customers should feel an affinity towards the business, which is why it’s city-specific. Secondly, campaign contributors will be lured by carefully constructed rewards that Equity Endeavor will help with.

In addition to rewards, the community will reap the benefit of projects, which include helping Birthmark Doula Collective open New Orleans’ first independent birthing center, assisting Hollygrove Market & Farm increase the Hollygrove community’s access to fresh, local produce, allowing LocalGear and ShopLocalStyle.com to promote local outdoors shops and local boutiques, and supporting Couchster as it brings a first-class food delivery service to the city.

Each campaign will last between 30-45 days and the business owners will only receive the funds if the funding target is reached.

On Friday, September 20th, McClinton and Sonnier are hosting a free event to celebrate the Equity Endeavor crowdfunding campaigns for the five small businesses in New Orleans. Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar from 5:30 to 7:30 PMt. RSVP here.

For more information, visit equityendeavor.com.