Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian to Make Stop at Tulane During Five-Month Book Tour

Tulane Entrepreneurs’ Association is kicking off their annual speaker series with Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

As part of his “epic” 100 stop, 65 college, five-month-long tour promoting internet entrepreneurship, Ohanian will speak at Tulane about his new book, Without Their Permission, on November 1st, 2013. He will also be checking out Tulane’s subreddit beforehand to find out exactly what students and community members want him to discuss.

Alexis Ohanian“…What I want to promote is how our generation has a tremendous opportunity to do amazing things online. We’re all still figuring out just what kind of an impact the internet will have on the world — let’s be the ones doing it,” said Ohanian. “I hope this tour will be more than an awesome excuse to rent a bus for five months—may it inspire and guide a new generation of internet entrepreneurs.”

“This isn’t just my story, it’s the stories of your successful alums as well as current students, all learning from and contributing to the greatest platform for ideas the world has ever seen (the internet).”

Ohanian will be interviewing alums from each of the universities on the tour. Tulane alum and current Reddit General Manager, Erik Martin, will join him onstage for a no holds barred interview.

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Ohanian will also be in Baton Rouge speaking at the LA Business Symposium: Innovation & Technology Breakfast / Top 100 Luncheon on October 16th, 2013.