54-Hour Frenzy Startup Weekend Hits New Orleans for Second Time This Year

Startup Weekend New Orleans 2013 SeptemberAfter the answer “next April” wasn’t sufficient for the question about the date of the next Startup Weekend New Orleans, organizers are excited to the next Startup Weekend, September 27th – 29th, 2013.

The action-packed 54-hour event will take place at Propeller, bringing together designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts.

Startup Weekend is designed to bring ideas to life in a short period of time while also potentially bringing wealth and jobs into the community. Participants form ad-hoc teams after pitching ideas to the crowd. ”I think my favorite part about the weekend is watching an idea go from a 60 second pitch on Friday night to a 10-minute pitch with a slide deck in front of the judges on Sunday night – just 48 hours later,” said organizer Elliot Adams.

Startup Weekend will kick off the Global Google for Entrepreneurs Week, putting New Orleans in the spotlight of the global entrepreneurship and tech community. Google for Entrepreneurs Week is to celebrate innovators and entrepreneurs around the world.

This weekend’s event boasts speaker Michael Morrissey, Senior Director of Engineering for Google (and an LSU alumnus), who will be giving a rare talk for the participants of Startup Weekend.

Adams said the first Startup Weekend received an incredible amount of community support. “Google wants to see this second event reach a new level of participation and impact,” he continued.

“While successes from Startup Weekend events are of course great, it’s really the old cliché that the journey is the destination. In other words, the point of coming to Startup Weekend at the end of September is to meet people, work on a new idea, engage fantastic mentors from our community, and otherwise have a great time with like-minded folks.”

Attendees will receive three meals a day thanks to sponsors, in addition to perks including: $100 worth of Amazon Web Services credit, a free .co domain registration, 3 months of free hosting from Domain.com , free business cards from moo, 6 months free from User Voice, 1st place wins 2 months of free coworking at Launch Pad for up to 5 people, and 2nd and 3rd place win 1 month for up to 2 people.

Individuals and teams will get to work with top New Orleans judges and coaches including: Adam Hansen, Rackspace; Kenneth Purcell, iSeatz; Carie Fischer, Make It Right Foundation; Peter Bodenheimer, Launch Pad Ignition; Emily Madero, The Idea Village; Eric Arvidson, TurboSquid; Jeff Yellin, Spear Point, LLC; Gerard Ramos, Revelry Labs; Jason Seidman, Lanyap Creative; Felipe Massa, Loyola University New Orleans; Andrea Chen, Propeller; Cory Fabre, TurboSquid; Vassil Roussev, University of New Orleans; Jason Nicosia, eMerge; Bradley Kirkland, Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, and Startup Mentor; Jeremy Hunnewell; Elstrott, Maurer & Hunnewell LLC; and Paul Christmann, iSeatz.

Registration for Startup Weekend New Orleans is available here. For information leading up to the event, follow @SWneworleans on Twitter!