“Social People Search Engine” Upgrades Site, Switches to Public Beta

PeoplegeistPeoplegeist, the completely free people search engine that lets users ask questions and receive answers immediately, all while promoting their online reputation, has switched from private to public beta after a few site upgrades.

“Almost every other social media site out there focuses on posts, updates, likes, and favorites. On sites like these, people tend to always be moving on, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like a real relationship at all. We are trying to build something a little deeper and longer-lasting with Peoplegeist,” said Founder Darian Wilson.

Originally launched in December 2012, Peoplegeist is now open for all who would like to create a free account.

Wilson recognizes the importance of relationships and connections, so Peoplegeist is the natural progression of other digital profiles and networks. “Looking at the competition, we noticed that we were missing a visual element that other sites offered by letting members upload a cover photo.” he explained. “We wanted to take the concept one step further, however, and so we made it very easy to integrate all the tools we offer into the cover photo concept.”

Online profiles can be easily configured in both a personal and professional fashion. Cover photos, question and answer sections, “digital brains,” created by members, and backlinks usuing keywords of choice are all features on Peoplegeist.

“Bottom line is that you will learn more about me and our other members in a few minutes from our Peoplegeist profiles than you will in hours searching through millions of results on other search engines.”

Check out Peoplegeist.com on Twitter and register on the website.