Voodoo Ventures Launches Syndicates on AngelList

Voodoo VenturesThe Jumpstart Our Small Business Startups (JOBS) Act legislation went into effect last week, opening up the ability for companies to raise funding publically and marking the beginning of the crowdfunding era in fundraising for startups.

Voodoo Ventures, the internet incubator based in New Orleans, has announced the launch of its syndicates program through AngelList. The syndicate functionality allows you to invest on behalf of or with other co-investors.

“It’s really interesting what’s happening with early stage capital right now,” said Chris Schultz, Founder of and investor through Voodoo Ventures.

Voodoo Ventures will be looking for the best deals on a national basis, according to Schultz. Syndicates open up the opportunity for investors in New Orleans to participate on a case by case basis.

“It removes the challenge with being a VC fund because you do the deal as they come along and when you see good deals.”

At this time the syndicate program is only available to accredited investors. To get started, apply to be an accredited investor on AngelList, back Schultz on AngelList and then you’ll be notified when we syndicate a new investment and have the opportunity to participate.

Following Schultz on AngelList does not indicate any commitment to invest, that happens on a deal by deal basis. Voodoo Ventures will take a 15% carry and AngelList takes a 5% carry and their minimum investment will be $12,500 per deal. Co-investors must put in a minimum of $2,500 per deal.

“I think this will open up new sources of capital, in particular angel investors who haven’t come off the sidelines and who will be more confident.”

“Personally, I’m really excited about the world this opens up,” said Schultz. “ For years, I’ve had people in New Orleans say ‘I’m interested in investing, but I don’t have time to evaluate all the dealflow, but I’m interested in investing in the deals you invest in.’ Previously, the only scalable way to do that was for us to raise a fund for Voodoo Ventures, which is something I haven’t wanted to do, because I prefer to invest as an angel, I am an entrepreneur running other businesses, not a full time investor.”