Dinner Lab Expands Into Five New Cities, Debuts on ‘Top Chef: New Orleans’

With wild success is New Orleans, Dinner Lab quickly expanded into Austin, Nashville, New York and Los Angeles since launching last year. Yesterday, news broke that the members-only supper club would also be expanding to Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

Dinner LabDinner Lab is a mix between a pop-up restaurant and a vacation, designed to connect undiscovered chefs and foodies across the country to create a dining experience unlike any other.

“We’ve never had, and probably will never have, the same chef, same location and same menu ever,” said Ravi Prakash, CTO at Dinner Lab.

Reality television fans everywhere may have also noticed Dinner Lab’s presence on Top Chef: New Orleans last night. The competing chefs were given the challenge of cooking for the guests of Dinner Lab a few months back.

Dan Cutforth, Co-founder of Top Chef, said, “When we first started developing the show, we realized we didn’t know a huge amount about cooking…what I realized was that there’s this love of the art and craft of cookery. There’s also this devotion to the hospitality aspect of cooking…”

“All those elements together, I think, are what makes ‘Top Chef’ work from the first season to now,” Cutforth continued.

Many of those elements are also a part of what makes Dinner Lab both unique and successful in cities across the country. Dinner Lab is in the process of going from around 25 employees to 40. Dinner Lab CEO Brian Bordainick suggests checking local job boards for openings.

For more information, visit dinnerlab.com.