TruFund: New Name, Same Mission

TruFund Financial Services, formerly known as Seedco Financial, has recently rebranded their organization in an attempt to reposition the company for continued support and strength within their spectrum. The brand felt this adjustment was necessary in order to more effectively expand the pool of customers and communities that they partner with and help.

TruFund grants loans to companies that have trouble accessing them from traditional sources, such as banks. They target underserved small businesses, many of which are located in Louisiana, Alabama, and New York. In Louisiana, for example, they help fishing companies with their one-stop-shop Fisheries Assistance Center. In addition to loaning funds to small organizations, TruFund also provides group educational sessions and innovative solutions to small businesses. The educational sessions include topics ranging from how to navigate the new health care law to helping small organizations affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill claim damages. In regards to the innovative solutions, TruFund assists with structuring loans that cater specifically to the needs of organizations in the construction industries, as well as having developed a historically successful disaster-relief platform.

“Our new brand will allow us to convey our mission and the important work we do more clearly and succinctly,” said James Bason, President of TruFund. “The TruFund brand stands for confidence and stability, qualities that are important to our employees, customers and partners.”

The TruFund team has passionately pursued a new identity that would accurately represent who they are, who they help, and why they help small businesses.

“At this juncture in our evolution, as we are poised to assist more customers and companies, it is even more imperative that our name clearly communicate the importance of the work that we do and our dedication to fair and accessible capital for our customers,” said Demetric Duckett, SVP, Business Development and Marketing at TruFund.

Recently, banks have began approving small-business loans at higher rates, which would, in most cases, harm the clientele of a corporation like TruFund. However, TruFund actually works in partnership with banks to serve businesses across the entire credit spectrum.

TruFund is well aware of financial crisis this nation is in and they are confident in the work that they do by backing the community-based companies, providing jobs and reestablishing abundance in the communities.

“In these challenging times, our work supporting small businesses, enabling job creation and rebuilding wealth in local communities is even more critical. While our name has changed to better reflect our mission and position as a stable and reliable lender, we remain constant and unwavering in our commitment to fostering the long-term vitality of our customers and their communities,” said Bason.

TruFund establishes loan goals for each of their regions. The loan goal for Louisiana by the end of 2013 is $2.4 million.

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