What Your Favorite Apps Say About You: Dating Edition

Editor’s note: this article was originally published on the blog of local web development firm Apptitude.


Recently, the Apptitude team spent more time than we care to admit fawning over HowAboutWe.com’s article on what your taste in music says about you on a date (for the record I fall in the Van Morrison category). We were  so inspired by the article we decided to take a crack at it ourselves and apply it to apps. Read on to find out what your favorite apps say about you when you’re on a hot date.


Tinder is the app that let’s you find hot folks near you who think you’re of equal or lessor hotness. You can scroll through the hot or nots near your current location and, yep you guessed it, opt to connect with them or pass (anonymously of course).

Personality: Loves mirrors. Moderately charming. Totally lead the charge on the popularity of that What Does The Fox Say video. Mad hot. Has possibly used the pick-up line “Come here often?” (but in an ironic way). High fives bro!


A busy entrepreneurs’s dream, Pocket lets you save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment, presumably because you have about 0.2 seconds during the day to scan your favorite biz magazines and blogs (also Buzzfeed, Gothamist, and Gawker). Plus it’s got cloud appeal. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device—phone, tablet or computer.

Personality: Over extended, engaged, exhausted, always has a news-worthy tidbit to share at parties.  All around awesome. Lemme get that 3rd latte for you, you go-getter you.


Got a to-do list for everything? Wunderlist is the app that lets you manage and share your to-do lists for life and work whether it’s remembering to buy milk, planning your bestie’s birthday party or remembering to order those VooDoo Fest tickets early.

Personality: Before this app, you had no less than 4 moleskins on you at all times. Also, when your date is rambling on about something boring you secretly look for grammar and punctuation typos in restaurant menus.


Oh Snapchat. How we love you. What would we do if we were unable to send photos to our friends of us throwing the peace sign while duck-facing (look it up) instead of just a plain boring ole text?

Personality: You’ve screamed the phrase “I’m drunk. What of it?” at least once. Your life is so share-worthy, you just don’t even know.

A Beautiful MessRhonna Designs, etc.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but we all know that these photo editing apps let you add in cool captions and pretty embellishments. So now, those photos are worth 2000 words, thank you very much.

Personality: Lisa Frank was your life when you were 10 and you feel no shame in admitting that.

Candy Crush

PUT DOWN THE PHONE ALREADY. No further explanation needed.

Yep, we included one of our own! With the WWNO app you can get the latest and greatest from your local news radio station, stream NPR and shows like American Routes and This American Life, and listen to non-stop jazz or classical music on their HD stations.

Personality: Lover of all things New Orleans. Believer in the 2 -martini lunch. A Frenchman St. wanderering, Jazz Festin, crawfish head sucking, proud member of the WhoDat nation. Bless your sweet NOLA heart.

Wondering if some of these personality types come from real life dating experiences? Yes. And though we may have embellished a bit, that my-date-is-so-boring-I’m-hunting-for-menu-typos has happened on more than one occasion. Did we hit all the bases? What popular apps did we leave out? Hit us up at on Twitter @ApptitudeNOLA and let us know!