New Orleans-Only Crowdfunding Company Secures over $2,900 for Local Ventures

FundDat held their launch party, A LIVE Crowdfunding Affair, a featured NOLA Tech Week event, this past Tuesday evening (October 8) at the Rusty Nail.

Over 150 guests were in attendance; the first 100 were given FundDat Dollars to help fund local 10 local projects on display at the event. In total, the community participants helped the projects raise $2,965.

“We had a great time meeting you all and hearing your ideas on how we can make FundDat better!” said FundDat Co-Founder Alex McConduit.

First place and $1,000 went to Maxwell Worthington’s Expanding Communications. Second went to Nomad Schools and third to Bloom Box Farms. More information about each venture (provided by is below:

The Maxwell Worthington team accepting their first place prize money.

The Maxwell Worthington team accepting their first place prize money.

1st Place – Maxwell Worthington’s Expanding Communications

This awesome group of fine folks wants to offer you business class communication services and still be able to pick up your calls for support. They’ve developed premium enterprise software packages for email, instant messaging, enterprise class, file transfers, video conferencing, voice chat, shared calendars, shared contacts and more…

2nd Place – Nomad Schools

This nonprofit creates innovative online/offline-accessible audio content for students of English as a foreign language. Their courses are designed to help adult immigrants and displaced communities who lack time and money for the traditional classes needed to reach their life goals. They want to raise $5,000 to translate their content into Spanish and Vietnamese by December 2013. Once their bilingual content is created and loaded to their website, they can help students reach level I proficiency for the cost of just $50 to cover MP3 players and photocopies of their original lesson booklets.

3rd Place – Bloom Box Farms

This group thinks that it’s outrageous that over 90% of lettuce sold is grown in Salinas, California, and then shipped an average of 2000 miles from farm to fork. They believe that the solution to this lies in something that New Orleanians intuitively already know: LOCAL IS BETTER… Especially when it comes to food! Bloom Box Farms uses recycled shipping containers to create a fully scalable, high yield, crop production solution. With your help they will be capable of growing and delivering all natural, super fresh produce within hours of harvest, at or very near the point of consumption.