Entrepreneur and Former LSU Baseball Player Launches App Combining Sports and Social Media

Sqor squareSqor is a socially-connected app that lets fans compete against friends, publically support favorite athletes and teams and connect earn bragging rights on Facebook and Twitter while also connecting to sports news sites such as ESPN. The app is a groundbreaking new digital sports platform that puts social sports networking, video, photos and original athlete-produced content all in one place.

“Sqor reinvents the way athletes connect to their fans. No more filtered messages, clipped quotes or boring postgame press conferences. Sqor takes thousands of athletes off the field, court and rink and places them in your palm, providing the most engaging relationship in sports.”

In June 2011, Founder Brian Wilhite launched Amplify Social, the precursor to Sqor, setting out to change the sports digital landscape. Over the next nearly two years, Wilhite signs up big names in the sports industry such as Brett Farve (now a Sqor board member) and Tim Lincecum. When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the first pick in April 2013, the landscape had changed forever and Sqor was created.

Sqor“Sqor delivers the most entertaining content publishing platform for athlete’s in digital sports.” Brett Favre, formed NFL quarterback.

Other athletes who have signed up incldue: footballers Chris Culliver and Larry Fitzgerland, Matt Cain and Mike Leake from the MLB, NBA stars Stephen Curry and Greg Oden, Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins from the WNBA, and many more.

Athletes who sign up with Sqor are positioned to to tap into the millions of dollars being generated through off the field income. Although the company has not released numbers, Sqor did disclose that majority of Sqor’s investors are LSU graduates or have big Baton Rouge connections.

The app has been ranked in the top 10 downloads among free sports apps in the Apple Store since debuting in June 2013.

“The best part of every game is enjoying it with friends. Sharing in the wins, commiserating the losses and trash talking with your buddies. Sqor’s app captures that community spirit and adds the head-to-head competition, making it a game within every game,” said Wilhite.

To download Sqor, click here.