Federated Sample Soars Past 2012 Numbers, Reaches 7 Million Survey Completes

FulcrumFederated Sample’s open and customizable online sampling platform Fulcrum has reached another milestone, ringing in seven million survey completes last week.

Hitting seven million is a record high for the company. “To put this moment into context, we did five million interviews during all of 2012,” said Federated Sample CEO Patrick Comer. “We’re having a phenomenal 2013!”

Federated Sample was founded in 2010 and has continued growing ever since. The company raised a $2.8 million Series A round in fall 2011 to improve online sampling and now is home to 36 employees in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York.

Mike Mayer, Executive Analyst at Federated Sample, said, “Q4 is heating up for us and the team is working hard to close out the year strong! We’re having a blast over here and are excited to see what happens over the next couple of months.”

To celebrate reaching 7 million survey completes, Federated Sample released another video titled “7 Wonders of the FED World:”