Louisiana Press Association Partners with GistCloud

Louisiana GistCloudThe Louisiana Press Association has partnered with GistCloud to provide a new press release distribution service. The partnership will incorporate GistCloud’s intermedia communications and press release platform, including video, audio, documents, photos and web pages, with the statewide and regional distribution service provided by the Association.

All of the press releases submitted through GistCloud include online distribution, robust social sharing tools and real-time analytics delivered as a responsive Intermedia Communications Package (ICP).

According to GistCloud, the simplicity and exposure of the engaging platform help set it apart from the other services.

The cutting-edge service provides targeted distribution to Google News, MSN News Yahoo! News and more at a more affordable price than other national news release services. The new distribution service is also mobile ready and available in a number of languages.

Those interested in sending press releases can go to www.louisiana.gistcloud.com and click the “get started” tab.