Silicon Bayou Highlighted on BBC News

Last week, BBC correspondent and videographer Leigh Paterson headed south to talk tech and revitalization in New Orleans. She visited the city to see how technology is making an impact eight years after Hurricane Katrina and nearly 300 years after the city was founded.

“New Orleans earned the nickname “Hollywood South” by attracting filmmakers to Louisiana, and now entrepreneurs have dubbed the region the “Silicon Bayou” because of the growth in the number of tech start-ups,” wrote Paterson.

Paterson interviewed key players in the tech scene including Brent McCrossen, CEO of Audiosocket, Kenneth Purcell, Founder and CEO of iSeatz, Jen Medbery, Founder and CEO of Kickboard and Allison Plyer, Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center.

McCrossen attributes the retention of top talent to quality of life. See what else the interviewees had to say below: