New Orleans Hackers Launch Online Registry Forensics Class

Hacker AcademyHacker Academy teaches students how to be true information security professionals by learning, practicing and using tools from online classes.

Local hackers Vico Marziale, Joe T. Sylve , and Jerry Stormo of 504ensics, and Andrew Case are instructors in the new Hacker Academy class, Registry Analysis for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Master Class.

The class is a self paced course, that teaches how to understand forensics artifacts stored in the registry, develop processes to use registry forensics in all investigations, and apply common analysis techniques, find malware and track user activity in the registry.

Hacker Academy operates off the “it takes one to know one mentality,” which includes a philosophy to arm members with the knowledge necessary to practice, implement, and deploy what they have learned immediately and effectively. The Master Class provides real-world experience and an answer guide that also serves as an excellent future reference to continue practicing.

The course will cover analysis techniques such as building timelines, creating baselines, and correlating multiple registry artifacts to determine high-level events of a user or application. Backup facilities of the Windows operating system will also be discussed.

Registration is available here.