WizzForms Saves Time and Money by Eliminating Manual Data Entry

While maintaining local headquarters, IDScan.net has continued to be a leader in the ID scanning market for years. The company recently launched its newest product, WizzForms, which eases the time-consuming, error-prone and inconvenient task of manual data entry.

WizzFormsWizzForms allows iPad users to scan any U.S. or Canadian identification card and populates the data–name, address, gender, etc.– into a web form. The product is a highly customizable solution that easily integrates with users’ current websites and web forms with the option to create separate profiles for each form.

WizzForms can scan IDs in one to two seconds with 99% accuracy, eliminating typos caused by manual entry.

“It is perfect for anyone looking for a faster way to collect customer data, register attendees, conduct surveys, and process applications,” explained Founder Denis Petrov.

IDScan.net has a strong client base including companies such as the California Police Department, Tesla, Murphy Oil and the National Guard.

Petrov isn’t planning to move out of New Orleans anytime soon. “Right now I find the NOLA tech scene to be absolutely fascinating. Our office is located in the IP building which serves as a unique tech hub—the region is called “Silicon Bayou” for good reason.”

“We selected a local company to handle our website re-design, which just a few years ago it would have been unheard of to not offshore that type of work,” said Petrov. “We are actually now starting to in-shore our development team because the cost of foreign developers has risen so much in recent years. New Orleans’s cluster of technology and marketing companies, and the growing number of young people living and working here, has allowed us to source locally.”

More information can be found at IDscan.net.