Good Eggs Grows and Now Offers Gifting

Good EggsGood Eggs, the Etsy meets farmers market that connects consumers to farmers and food vendors through a virtual marketplace, has made a big impact in the last year alone.

Good Eggs is primarily a technology company that applies its innovative platform to the food world. According to Co-founder Rob Spiro, “There’s this wave of entrepreneurship and creativity happening in the food world, and Good Eggs is all about bringing that high-quality production right to your door.”

Across the country, the online farmers market is now developing new ways for farmers and small food producers to be profitable and expand business. Good Eggs New Orleans now has 60 farms and local food makers available on the site. While continuing to make items more convenient, the company is excited to continue to offer additional products.

“We’re all about making it easy to spend money in a way you feel good about,” said Tess Monaghan, the first team of the Good Eggs team members on the ground in New Orleans.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs recently launched an entire gifting category on the site in addition to expanded delivery sites on Wednesday, including Algiers, Gretna, Metairie, Jefferson and River Ridge. Gift cards, gift baskets and gift orders are now available.

“We’re thrilled at the response we’ve been getting from our customers and the community over the past couple of months, and we’re excited to keep our expansion going in 2014!” Monaghan said last week.

Not only have the number of available products jumped, but the team in New Orleans has as well. The Good Eggs team, which has grown from two to ten since July, outgrew their space in the Bywater on November 1st. They now occupy a 4,500 square foot office and warehouse on Tchoupitoulas Street.

Good Eggs is also in three additional locations: San Francisco Bay Area (where the company launched), Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

Monaghan noted the regional differences and how each city is developing its own personality with the available products and participating farmers and food producers. New Orleans is doing well with its citrus.

Fans in the four cities weren’t the only ones to notice the virtual farmers market this year. BuzzFeed, the technology platform that highlights viral content from around the web, ranked Good Eggs the number one in the “Most Important Things That Happened In 2013 For Food Lovers” post.